Have a unique brand concept, but missing the factory partner?

We have a plan for your footwear project!

We have the connections to the right manufacturers and help facilitate strong lasting relationships.


Process Breakdown

Our Process

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Product Direction

We learn the history and current state of your product to determine the direction for success
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Product Need

Determine product needs, by considering gender, type of shoe, necessary materials, quality and price levels to decide manufacturing direction
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Factory Profiles

Given the brand concept and your needs, we match your product to the right factory and help you grow a lasting relationship with them

Core services

Worldwide manufacturing connections for lasting relationships.

Worldwide Manufacturing Sourcing

Direct manufacturer connections in Brazil, China, Italy, India, Portugal and Mexico.


We ensure the effectiveness and longeivity of your partnership. Our factories have a proven track record of reliability and understanding of the necessity of transparency when inevitable issues arise.

Feedback loop

We stay on board as liason to ensure quality of your ongoing relationship with your manufacturer.

Factory Profiles

Some of our partners

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Country: ItalySpecialty: Leather Footbed SandalsMoq: 360/style, 120/colorPrice Range: $20 - $30
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Country: ChinaSpecialty: Synthetic Boots and CasualsMoq: Style/600, Color/300Price Range: $15 - $45
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Country: BrazilSpecialty: Womens Leather CasualsMoq: Style/600, Color/300Price Range: $18 - $40
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Country: ChinaSpecialty: Various (Cement Construction) - Special MaterialsMoq: Style/600, Color/300Price Range: $15 - $45
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Country: IndiaSpecialty: Womens Leather SandalsMoq: Style/360, Color/180Price Range: $8 - $18

Breakdown of our process



Product Assessment

Determine the current needs of your brand concept and direction for the final manufacturing step.

Factory Profiles

Go over our partnerships with manufacturers that meet your concept needs and direction.

Partner Development

Establish the connection with the right partner for you and finalize agreements.

Product Development

With your selected manufacturing partner, begin the development cycle. Merge your concept with factory expertise, or select directly from factory collection, to create a sample that represents your vision


This final and most critical step, made substantially easier due to the previous steps taken. Your selected product goes through pre-production and QA protocols and onto and through the production line.

Pricing Breakdown

How we price



Project Footwear is paid on a commission fee basis

  • Establish and maintain brand/manufacturer relationship
  • Product design
  • Product development
  • Product logistics and operation management
  • Samples